Worsening global warming is affecting flooding patterns

Flooding is the most prevalent climate hazard in the United Kingdom. In fact, the country is seeing a significant increase in insurance premiums paid by Britons, in order to cover damage from flooding, event which has become more frequent and ever more devastating, noted The Financial Times.

The repercussions of extreme flooding on climate change can no longer be overlooked. The linkage is supported by solid studies as researchers are attempting to raise awareness on the damage done by global warming on the environment. A study by the MSCI, a global provider of equity, fixed income, hedge fund stock market index, and multi-asset portfolio analysis tools, reveals that the households in Britain at risk of flooding will more than double by 2050.

At the same time, the dataset shows that extreme weather events and natural disasters have become more frequent and intense with the overall number of floods quadrupling since 1980 and doubling since 2004.

The Newscientist supports the theory that climate change increases the risk of heavy rainfall and storm surges combining to cause extreme flooding around the UK, Germany and other parts of Northern Europe. Rising sea levels aggravated by storm surges, higher precipitation level and changing wave patterns, leave the UK’s west coast, northern France, the east coast of the North Sea and parts of the Black Sea, highly exposed to frequent flooding.

Although weather patterns can be random to a certain degree, they are indeed changing and the correlation with global warming can no longer be denied. Understanding the levels of risks extreme flooding is exposing populations and cities to is essential to build resilience through urban planning and R&D. Such measures have started to be implemented in areas facing alarming risks of flooding due to rising sea levels, such as the city of Miami, FL, who is being raised by local authorities to protect its homes, infrastructure, wildlife as well as the quality of its freshwater.

Sources: Financial Times, Newscientist, MSCI, Business Insider

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