Australia running out of potable water

Global climate change has intensified long drought in the eastern part of Australia, leaving towns without water in a matter of months. The most affected town is expected to be Stanthorpe, which will run completely dry by December. From Queensland to Sydney, more than a dozen small towns are facing the same water crisis.

Local farmers are forced to temporarily suspend their activity as a consequence of water shortages. This measure is set to have a negative effect on the economy in the region, impacting it by approximately Aus$100 millions.

In their attempt to remediate the situation, authorities will start supplying water by trucks, at an estimated monthly cost of Aus$1 million, this being a short term measure for solving issues next year.

In other areas, authorities are in the process of building a pipeline costing around Aus$13 million. The pipeline will be ready for use by the end of September, nevertheless the solution is addressing only part of the water crisis issue, this being due to a very high demand during the period.

Local authorities have not been granted any support from the Australian Government, who is protecting the interests of the country’s coal mining, and opposing the fight against climate change, on the grounds that this would affect economic growth.

Source: Agence France Presse

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