France in critical need of water

France is facing a water crisis due to climate change which has generated massive heatwaves, reduced snowfall during winter and affected the recharge of aquifers.

Researchers analyzing the alarming phenomenon are expecting a declining rate between 10% and 30% by 2040 in the water level of French rivers.

Taking a staunch approach to fighting water scarcity, France has restricted its usage to agricultural irrigation and limited water consumption to domestic use, health and sanitation only. The French government is also taking additional measures to reduce water usage by encouraging wastewater recycling and setting higher water prices for households with pools, in an attempt to encourage consumers to reduce their consumption.

In the article published by the Financial Times, it is shown that the regions most affected by drought are the ones in Central France, Dordogne and the Loire Valley.

Water scarcity is becoming a top priority matter for France, being faced with drought, an agriculture industry in need of water and a thirsty population.

Source: Financial Times

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