Southern Europe is Risking To Become A Desert

Desertification is a process that has already started in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania as a consequence of high temperatures, poor precipitation and droughts, creating various formations of deserts or semi-deserts in these country lands.

In the report ,,Combating desertification in the Eu” prepared by the European Court of Auditors, it is shown that desertification will pose a problem to food production, soil fertility and to supplies of safe drinkable clean water.

To fight back the desertification process, European Commission adopted the Common Agricultural Policy, European Union Forest Strategy and the European Strategy for Climate Change, nevertheless all these policies are not enough to stop the process, hence more action is needed.

As shown in the analysis, the most affected country will be Spain, with almost 74% of the lands presenting the risk of desertification and 18% risking to become a desert.

The WWF organization from Spain pointed out that the problem with the lack of clean water it is not originated only by natural causes, but it is also highly influenced by poor irrigation techniques.

Another environmental organization in Spain, called “Ecologistas en Accion”, states that the main factors cresting the desertification phenomenon, are the urbanization process and construction sector which require better regulation in order to enhance the preservation of land.

Source: Forbes

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